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Spécialiste international telecom , It network,fibre optique ,electricité genie civil associés.Réseau informatique GSM
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- Great experience in planning and co-ordination of GSM network deployment; - Relations with French, English, Spanish and local subcontractors; - Follow-up of site progress, respect of deadlines, and costs; - Report of work progress to deployment management; - Logistics processes;

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Dans les secteurs d'activités suivants:
Telecom et fibre optique,réseau informatique

Domaines de compétences:
Telecom, Fibre optique, Genie civil réseaux busés batiment techniques

Directions concernées par les interventions:
Direction informatique Direction Technique Direction Financiere

Types d'interventions:
Missions longue durée,intervention et dépannage.

Formations suivies:
Armée de l'air,formation Cegos....

Maitrise telecom,BTS électronique


- Great experience in UMTS,3G,2G,Node B, GSM network
deployment and optimisationplanning co-ordination in Haiti, Guatemala, Salvador,
Moldavia, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Gabon, Saudi Arabia, Congo, Guadeloupe, Burundi, Portugal, Egypt, Nederland, Poland, Slovakia and
- BSS, NSS, BTS, RBS, BSC, MSC, Microwave and Civil work
installations (>3800 sites);
- Site engineering, recruitment, training and management of
local teams, Optical fibber networks installations;
- Relations with French, English, Spanish and local
- Site acquisition and follow-up of site progress, respect
of deadlines, and costs;
- Report of work progress to deployment management;
- Logistics processes;
- Taxes, fees, quality audits, etc.


June 2011- January 2014: EGIS PROJECTS France
- Sites
director; senior Projects manager A63;

Telecom responsible; network installations;

Optical fibbers (200km), IP, telecom and radio, Rau;

Coordination of the deployment with customer and contractors;

June 2010 – May 2011: ALCATEL France
Swap sites and retrofit MCTRX 900 2/3G;

SFR U900 phases 5 options: RRH, MCTRX;

Sites integration on the network SFR; planning according to SFR;

Coordination with the deployment centre and organisation with the client
following sites, validations;

Organisation of the meetings with SFR; Reporting to SFR and the project ALU;

Financial part DPI, DPF, invoices.

January 2010 – May 2010: Program Manager, Comcel Ayti
Implementation of the new network following the 2010 earthquake;

Financial management and head of technical operations;

6 projects switch removal, BSC upgrade Vsat station, PDH, SDH, sites management;

10 teams & subcontractors deployment and civil works;

Coordination with head quarter in Dominican Republic;

quality and customer satisfaction;

- Periodic project delivery schedule,
quality of services analysis report.

January 2009 – September 2009: Implementation
manager, Ericsson (Guatemala, Salvador)
Project Node B Telefonica;

RNC, cluster analyse, implementation team, site survey;

Node B survey, civil works and documentation.

August 2008 December 2008:
Project manager, Alcatel Algeria

- Project manager optical fibber Alcatel network.

- Management civil work team, subcontractors teams, site survey.

- Optical fibber and terminal installation responsible

January 2008 – July 2008: Roll
out senior manager, Orange Moldavia
Management implementation team;

Los microwave, site survey, civil work team;

3G survey, documentation.

December 2007: Projex MTN Ivory Coast

Responsible Projex CI: installations RBS 182 sites end to end;

reporting process management with budgetary control
opex, capex;

Roll out management, project management system, and customer relationships;

Human resources management and material procurement;

Creation of the legal company.

December 2006: Alcatel Ivory Coast

Roll out logistic manager: GSM network (13 millions Euros);

Management of local teams;

Implementation and management BTS, BSS and microwave;

Logistic, deliveries, warehousing.

January 2006 – August 2006: Vmobile Nigeria
- Project manager, 355 sites (750 millions dollars);
mini links, 3G network implementation;
Roll out management 3G & 2G network project management systems;

Human resources management and material procurement.

May 2005 – November 2005: CELTEL Gabon
Project manager: Civil works sites installations;

Ericsson RBS. SDH, Pylons, Generators;

Financial reporting.

November 2004 April 2005: ALCATEL
ETISALAT Saudi Arabia

Logistics manager: GSM networks;

Management of local teams;

Process drawing up;

Local subcontractors search and purchasing, warehousing.

January 2003 – October 2004: CELTEL RD Congo
Project manager: New Technical Centre building installation;

Financial reporting;

MSC, BSC, RBS Ericsson VSAT earth station and MW installation.

January 2002 – December 2002: ALCATEL VODACOM RD Congo
Implementation manager;

Financial reporting;

Civil works and satellite station for Vodacom GSM network.

February – January 2002: ALCATEL Guadeloupe
Project manager, DCS Network planning;

Management RNP teams;

Engineering telecom network;

Sites acquisitions, survey, Los microwave and civil works.

June 2000 January2001: ALCATEL EL SALVADOR

Implementation and logistic manager for GSM network (Personal);

Process drawing up;

Management of local teams;

Local subcontractors search;

Logistic and warehousing, follow-up of materials.

April 2000 May
2000: NORTEL Matra Communications cable & wireless (France)

Implementation IT rooms and site building manager;

Responsible of optical network & civil works France;

Regular site progress inspection;

Management outstanding list for all equipment during installation and

March 2000: Nortel
Networks Telecel Burundi

Implementation manager: Core network Switch; OMC, BSC, BTS sites;

Management 3 subcontractors; BTS and on-line commissioning.

September 1999: Alcatel
(Portugal, Egypt, NeDerland)

Logistics Manager, TMN network Portugal: Swap of network Motorola definition of
logistic process and quality. Audit
preparation, ISO 9002 qualification .

GSM logistics Manager for MobiNil network (Egypt)

Process definition for Dutchtone network (Nederland), warehousing, follow-up of

September 1998: Nortel

Implementation manager, Centertel DCS 1800 network Poland.

Implementation manager, Globtel GSM 900 network, Slovakia.

1997: Sagem

Project manager, DCS 1800 network, Toulouse (France);

Sites search, radio measures, draft, validation, estimate, and construction
site follow-up;

Management of local teams, 3 subcontractors;

Customers and sales relations.

1991 – 1995: Spie-Trindel

Business Manager (1 millions Euros);

Engineering telecom, optical networks installation & estimate;

GSM deployment, draft, engineering, site survey, construction site follow-up
for Itineris;

- Team manager (optical network, video,
alarm, associated power, VDI 100mb multimedia network, hardware and software).

1990 – 1991: Guyana Space Center

Project Manager, installation telecom Ariane 5 subcontractor’s management;

Project Manager, telecommunication networks, optical fibbers and alarm.

French Air FORCES

– 1990: installation
group of International Air Force Telecommunications

Project Manager telecom networks;

Engineering telecom networks;

Coordination Team manager telecom optical network.

1984 – 1986: Transmission Command, Djibouti
Air Detachment

Head of satellite telecommunications network;

- Head of microwave maintenance, SAT Telcom 150 Electronic

– 1984

Head of telecommunications
network, microwave radio transmission;
maintenance and electronic unit automatic exchange;
networks technician; Export deployments DOM,TOM,Africa.


1989: Master
Telecommunications and Program management certification

1978: BT electronic

1972: BT electronic


French (native), English (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent/con
soltura) German (notion).

Microsoft Excel/Word, Access, File Marker Pro.

Riskmanagement analyse: 2012



Formations animées:

Outils informatiques maîtrisés:
word excel

Langues: En Es Fr

Quelques références:
Nortel,alcatel,comcel,Spie trindel..

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